How to Keep Your Marriage Afloat
A Four Hour Dinner & Delta Cruise

Join Dr. Don Huntington on Sunday, September 29, for a Marriage Enrichment Adventure.

  • During the four-hour dinner and cruise on the Delta, 15 couples will learn practical lessons about how to Divorce Proof Their Marriage.
  • They will learn how to take command of that “Till Death Do Us Part” thing, by mastering a dozen essential life skills, such as “Keep Forgiving and Remain Forgiven,” and “Love Your Way Into Marital Health.”
  • HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT will be an interactive seminar that could change your life for good.
  • Dr. Don is a former pastor and missionary, and has learned through study, reflection, and through 48 years of marriage the principles of marital stability and happiness.
  • HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT will live up to its goal of Divorce Proofing Your Marriage.

Only 15 couples! First Come; First Served

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What People Are Saying About Don Huntington

Rae Huntington — Wife, Office Manager, Production Manager, Editor
I am Dr. Don Huntington’s wife. Don and I have not had perfectly clear sailing during the 48 years of our marriage. Don was from a broken home and had a lot to learn about creating a stable relationship. But we stuck it out through tough times. He has been diligent about learning principles, repairing mistakes, and figuring out how to get it right. He knows what he is talking about. He does what he is talking about.

Dena Jeglum — Wife, Volunteer Coordinator, Marriage Enrichment Coordinators
I’ve heard Dr. Don speak on a number of occasions and have read his book, How to Put Your Whole Self In. He offers some remarkable wisdom about marriage and about life in general — and does so in a fresh and clear way.  My husband, Dennis, and I have worked with nearly 100 couples. HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT would help every one of them to prosper in their marriage.

Dennis Jeglum — Husband, Retired Police Officer, Marriage Enrichment Coordinators
I have read and reread Dr. Don’s book, How to Put Your Whole Self In. It is sitting on my bed stand so that I can conveniently pick it up when I need the encouragement that his wisdom offers in keeping my life and my marriage on track. HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT will be an effective resource for any couple in taking their marriage to a higher level.

Deb Melander — Wife, Founder & Executive Director of the Love 4 Our Neighbors
For the past decade I’ve been listening to Dr. Huntington speak, plus consulting and counseling with him. I’ve always profited by his clear vision of how life ought to be lived and his willingness to take people along with him on the great life journey he has been traveling. HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT may be the best four hours that some of us have ever spent in learning about how to do marriage.

Only 15 couples! First Come; First Served

Im Convinced! Take Me To Checkout.

The cost of the entire event — Sunday dinner at Discovery Bay Boardwalk Grill and a two-hour cruise on the lovely Rosemarie Houseboat — is only $300 per couple.

That’s a great value for the price, but there’s more. The HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE AFLOAT seminar will come with six weeks of further marital resources for no additional charge:

  • Each couple will receive a complimentary subscription to Dr. Don Huntington’s online How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage, which itself sells for $300. Each day in the seminar is designed to provide pithy and practical information about life and marriage that can be read in only a minute, but with follow-up exercises that can take as long as the couple wishes.  
  • You will also be offered, at no additional charge, six weeks worth of individualized interactive weekly follow up sessions, as Dr. Don maintains email contact with each participant.
  • You will also be given six weeks of personal email and cell phone access to Dr. Don for whatever ongoing issues remain from the seminar.

At the conclusion of the seminar, if you decide that value received wasn’t worth the cost, you will get a complete refund, no questions asked.
(The cost of the Boardwalk Grill dinner and the cruise will be on us.)

Remember - Only 15 couples! First Come; First Served

Im Convinced! Take Me To Checkout.

Follow up with four spring seminar cruises:

  • “I Will Love You Forever!” (“How long was that again?”)
    How to Keep Love Alive and Growing. 
  • The Golden Rule Is Not Enough
    How to Apply the Platinum Rule Each Moment
  • Keep Your Spouse’s Cup Running Over
    Finding joy in your own heart by creating it in another’s
  • Tend to Your Marriage as a Master Gardener to a Beautiful Garden
    How to Take Care of Your Marriage So it Will Grow and Bloom Forever.