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People Who Listen to Dr. Don Huntington

...are surprised by the subjects that Dr. Don covers, the depths at which he covers them, and the unique way he has of holding the audience's attention from his opening greeting to his final challenge.

...are amused by the engaging way in which Dr. Don employs humor to drive home his points. He finds a humorous twist to many of his points - even the serious ones. His humor is edgy but never dirty; irreverent but never profane.

...are inspired by his realistic portrayal of the ability everyone possesses of shaping attitudes, actions, and relationships so they actually do become good for themselves, good for others, and good for Heaven's sake.

"The book will not lead readers into perfection, but will encourage them to improvement and in many cases to excellence in their thoughts and attitudes."

Don Huntington

Who is Dr. Don Huntington?

I've spent the past three decades in a process of renewal through discovery of principles that have made my life richly rewarding, full of blessings, and of benefit to others. I have learned how to communicate these principles clearly and forcefully making my points with dramatic illustrations, literary references, and good humor so that people will listen, learn, and take with them a fresh way of looking at life and a renewed inention to receive the gifts that the Universe holds out to them to engage more fully in meeting the challenges of abundant living.


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