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Dena Jeglum, Homemaker and Volunteer Coordinator
As I read through the instructions in this book, I found myself filling pages of notes with Don's wisdom, insight, and life applications that I just couldn't wait to share with friends and family (or just others). I found myself laughing, tearing up, getting chills, yelling Amens, and occasionally chasing my husband around the house saying "Oh, you just have to read this." There is something for everyone in this book!

Cindy Scarborough, a Homeschooling Mom of Six
I have always tried with limited success to put my whole self into life; never knowing what was holding me back. This book has provided the catalyst to change thought patterns and become more completely the person I was meant to be. How To Put Your Whole Self In is about living with abandon; pouring oneself completely into life; not holding back; breaking free. The themes of the book are deep, broad, and very easy to throw oneself into!

Brett Morey, Businessperson
Dr. Don Huntington has a way of motivating readers to engage in living by providing a fresh perspective. How To Put Your Whole Self In is both inspirational and uplifting. This book will encourage readers to invest in their own lives by challenging them to more deliberately engage in the lives of others.

Valerie Castaldi, Homemaker
The instructions in How To Put Your Wole Self In really did help me to have better days and inspired me to become a better person filled with love and inspiration; helping me be good for others. The instructions are like a step by step recipe for a fulfilled life.

Tricia Piquero, Publisher
Don’s unique presentation in How To Put Your Whole Self In speaks to my own heart, mind, and spirit. His instructions are to-the-point and helpful; the wealth of wisdom he draws from the writing of others is broadening; the description of his own experience is inspiring.

Beth Rutherford, Homemaker
I appreciated the way that How To Put Your Whole Self In provides perspectives on everyday objects and common experiences in a way that helps me realize the significance of all the parts of my life.

David York, Owner Manufacturer
Don has put together a helpful list of instructions to encourage people to engage in life and to provide them with good guided directions for doing so.

Fred Ehler, Rotary Club President
How To Put Your Whole Self In offers a joyful review of life’s path. He blends his experience with thoughtful historical and biblical references. His sometimes whimsical approach provides a guide to a QUALITY life.

Sayra Flores, Businessperson
How To Put Your Whole Self In views life with a freshness, almost an innocence that allows us to see that perhaps we have another chance to experience the fullness of our everyday living.