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How To Put Your Whole Self In is a book that could change your life forever for good.

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I’ve spent the past three decades in a process of renewal through discovery of principles that have made my life richly rewarding, full of blessings, and of benefit to others. You can learn how to come to that happy place yourself by reading How To Put Your Whole Self In.

The book amply lives up to its tagline, "101 Days in Becoming Good For Yourself, Good For Others, and Good for Heaven’s Sake."

I have three degrees in Theological Studies, but it turned out that religion was unable to make me happy and profitable to others in this world. I found a better way than the mere practice of religion in becoming the man that I always wanted to become.

I am sharing my principles of happiness and fulfillment with others in the pages of How To Put Your Whole Self In.

I spent eight years as a pastor and a missionary, but learned that mere service for others and for God was no way of coming to a happy, fulfilled life. I learned that there was something else — something far more simple and practical than mere performance to make me the person I wanted to become. I am sharing the principles of releasing religious energy with others in the pages of How To Put Your Whole Self In.

I spent over three decades as a respected technical writer in Silicon Valley and seven years as the co-owner and editor in chief of successful lifestyle magazines, but discovered that professional excellence and the admiration of others couldn’t create the constant sense of joy and satisfaction that I sought for, and that I now enjoy.

I learned that there was something far more effective in making me delighted with life and contented inside my own skin than professional success. The pages of How To Put Your Whole Self In shares simple but effective methods of engaging with others and with life that invests each of my own days with a sense of accomplishment and even delight.

I don't wish to sound too dramatic, but I have a great passion for sharing with others the important and life-changing principles that have transformed my own life.

Readers of How To Put Your Whole Self In are always surprised and usually delighted by the subjects that the book covers, by the depths at which I cover them, and by the unique way the writing has of holding the readers’ attention. They are inspired by the realistic portrayal of the ability everyone possesses of shaping attitudes, actions, and relationships so they actually do become good for themselves, good for others, and good for Heaven’s sake.