In order to ensure a seamless online process in your English to Dutch translation, we make sure to follow a few simple, yet important, steps:

Establishing a Close Working Relationship. Unlike other virtual transactions, such as making a simple retail purchase, the relationship between a client and a translator is often complex and ongoing in nature. Because of this it is extremely necessary that communication is continuous and open. One element that can facilitate that is respect for the sometimes uncommon virtue of courtesy. All our electronic and other communications demonstrate respect and basic business etiquette.

Maintaining Trust. In order to avoid any possible later problems we make sure that all terms are established, on both sides, prior to entering into business. These include such issues as precise and specific payment terms (amount, term and method), our exact delivery times, any client review terms and similarly vital issues. We make sure that all your questions are answered before the work is begun.

Our Mission. The most important professional responsibility of any language services provider, in addition to providing high quality, consistent work, is to keep their word. We always keep to all agreed terms, and, in the event of a problem (which can always occur, on either side of the transaction), the client is notified immediately. As simple as this observation may be, we remain in constant communication until the issue is resolved.

Most importantly, our business is never concluded until our clients are completely satisfied. In addition to our meticulous quality assurance program throughout the process, we are simply not satisfied until our clients are.